2022 Souvenir Program | FAMAZ

Souvenir Program (Christmas 2022)

Thanks to all for supporting our event through your generous sponsorship. This year is the 15th anniversary of FAMAZ and represents another important milestone for the organization.

Thanks for your support!

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We are grateful to the following for your contribution to the success of our annual Christmas celebration:

  • LoveJoy Couture
  • Care Partners
  • Evelyn Hogan
  • Ligen Feller Family
  • Council of Filipino Organizations
  • Charo Caping
  • Atlas Cargo
  • Robert and Gigi Gross
  • Sylvina Bennink
  • Michael and Imelda
  • Marie Cunning
  • Charles and Nora
  • Bob and Adelaida Waters
  • Jason and Arlyn Herstenstein
  • Liesly Sosobrado
  • Cyril Johnson
  • Rey Rosario
  • Jovelyn and Chris Ladner
  • Annabel Delong
  • Integrity Home Health
  • “Jerry” Medrano/Novena Group
  • Face Basics/Ghiezel Cacnio
  • Lutong Bahay
  • Edward Lago
  • ABAKA Foundation
  • Jude and Alma Basiga
  • Jane Bonite
  • Mabel Biso
  • Emerald Computers/Dragon Family
  • Maria and Max Bondaryev
  • Malou Padilla
  • Tofu’s Collection
  • Chikka Magazine
  • Salad Master/The Baysan Family

Members are encouraged to visit the FAMAZ Sponsors Directory for additional information related to our business contributors.


  • Michael Lewis

    Michael is joined at the hip with the Filipino American community through family, friends, and his love for the food. Over the past 15 years+, he has been an active "behind the scenes" contributor to a variety of Filipino community groups, events, and activities. Michael is also ringleader of the FilAm FamBam crew and in his free time enjoys RV'ing and anything tech.