We Are All About Filipino American Relationships and Families

We Are All Filipino American Relationships and Families

The foundation of FAMAZ is based upon the shared experiences of the American marrying a Filipina and the unique bicultural dynamics of the Filipina-foreigner relationship.  

The Filipino American Marriage-Group (a.k.a. FAMAZ) began as a small group of Fil-Am couples in 2007. The beginnings of this group can be traced back to what was then referred to as the "mixed couples group", a circle of couples who met for weekly bible study sessions led by Pastor Leonardo Aromin, a well-respected leader in the Arizona Filipino Community who is affectionately known to us simply as "Pastor Leo". His teachings focused a great deal on marriage and the qualities of healthy relationships. It was truly fitting given the members of this circle were either newlyweds or at most considered to be in the early stages of adjustment.

These meetings served as the catalyst that would reveal a wealth of common interests. Drawn together by a tradition of food and fellowship, the group continued to bond and form friendships by engaging in a variety of fun activities.

To the founder, Michael Lewis, it became readily apparent the group could benefit from these open forums and interactions in a way that could facilitate healthy compromise, minimize culturally based misunderstandings, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of our marriages through better communication. With this in mind, he conceptualized and proposed the formation of a formal group that could fulfill an unmet need among those who are married to a Filipina while also providing opportunities for Filipino spouses to network and render support to one another. Having taken on the critically important role of charting a path forward, he crafted the mission and established the structure/identity of what is now known as the Filipino American Marriage-Group of Arizona.